Even if you can't see them, drainage products are worked invisibly under the ground and ensure in garden, landscape and sports field construction that everything stays that way. It's no coincidence that parks don't sink into mud after heavy rain, that young trees don't die of thirst, that sports fields remain playable in bad weather, and that green spaces in residential areas stay green even in constant heat. 

Improving the quality of life through trees

In private and public green spaces, trees are part of the urban landscape. Their effect in the form of noise reduction, climate regulation, oxygen production and dust filtering is well known. However, trees can only fulfill these functions if their growth requirements in terms of water, nutrient supply, soil-air balance and climate are met on a permanent basis. Often, during the growing phase, the root zone of the tree is not sufficiently supplied due to impermeable pavements and heavy compaction of the adjacent open spaces. The necessary air and water supply or fertilization is no longer given. It is important to counteract these negative influences in order to preserve old tree populations and to support the growth of newly planted trees from the very beginning.

Why is drainage so important for sports facilities/pitches?
Durable sports surfaces that can be used all year round are a prerequisite for any sport. Drainage systems are almost always indispensable for outdoor facilities. By regulating the water balance, drainage serves the long-term maintenance and usability of sports fields.



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